Top 10 Medical Representative Interview Tips:

1) Get to know about the company

It is very significant to know about the company’s product or service, customer base, mission statement etc.

2) Get to know the panel members

Getting to know about the interviewers would actually make you more comfortable with them.

3) Tailor your job description

Analyze the skills you have for the job and tailor it accordingly.

4) By heart your CV  

You should know what you have mentioned in your CV or else it would appear as if someone else has designed it for you.

5) Create your own professional story

It is very significant to have your educational career history and what you are looking for to currently.

6) Practice your delivery 

You need to exhibit that you have the highest level of integrity and confidence.

7) Be optimistic

Be confident about what you have.

8) Watch your body language

You need to be sure about your posture, eye contact and be alert.

9) Dressing

You need to wear formal pant and shit with tie and formal shoe.

10) Timing

Always reach 30 minutes before at the interview place and arrange your documents accordingly before interview.